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Top Down Survivor

Top Down Survivor is an online multiplayer shooter in a top-down view. You fight against other players in a deathmatch mode. Find and upgrade weapons to defeat your opponents and gain experience points to level up. Pay close attention to your surroundings, because you do not see what is happening behind your back. The specially adapted user interface, allows you to quickly react to your opponents, even if they chase from behind.


Crafting System (not yet implemented)

It will have a simple crafting system, which is to ensure your survival during the fight. Here you can, for example, upgrade your weapons or make some nice tools to annoy your opponents.

Multi-Tool (not yet implemented)

A special feature will be the multitool. It is needed primarily for crafting. However, it can also be used for special skills. For example, it will be possible to hide from your opponents or build a shield to protect yourself from them.The multitool can be continuously improved with the coins you earn for successful matches.

Game Modes

There are also different game modes planned. In addition to the well-known Deathmatch, there will also be a special zombie mode.
In the deathmatch mode, players earn coins to play in higher levels. Each higher level offers more experience points and higher prizes. When the crafting system is implemented, better crafting technologies can be used inside the levels.


Join the Discord Server or the Steam Community Hub and discuss with other players about new features of the game. I’m looking forward to your feedback and new ideas.







Action Shooter

Online Multiplayer




Planned Features


Weapon Upgrades

Ranks and Rankpoint System




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  • Livestream (Sat. 04. May) Giveaway Tournament 3. May 2019
    Hey Survivors!Join the livestream!Download the free version and join the battle.If you beat me on the leaderboard you will win the full version!Saturday, 4th of May at 16:00 UTCSteamTwitch[]You may also join the Discord Server[]
  • Update Alpha 5 16. April 2019
    The steam release update is done! What's new?Main MenuThe main menu is now an explorable house. Take a look at the fridge to find the leaderboard, sit down at your desk and change the game settings or read a book to learn how to play the game.Training Map with botsYou can now train your skills […]



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